009 Tabu *VINTAGE*

"Tabu was one of the first fragrances in my collection and along with Serge Luten’s Ambre Sultan it is one of my favourites in the ambery genre . The genre itself is also a favourite of mine and you can see the influence of this love expressed in Ryder." - Matt Zhuk

Tabu, first launched in 1932 is one of the fragrances that teaches us to look deeper into history and understood that many contemporary creations stand on the shoulders of giants. In the context of a world that has seen 10,000 launches in the past 5 years it’s powerfully comforting to be reminded that “it’s a small world after all”. It is also noteworthy that despite being identifiable as a classic, just how “modern" many of the facets of this composition can feel. Placing Tabu side by side with two of Ex Idolo’s modern offerings will hopefully help to encourage a re-appraisal of the art forms’ classics. 


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