When do the boxes arrive?

You can expect yours to arrive through your letter box in the second week of October and then again in the second weeks of November and December.

How do I login to the members’ section?

The members’ login password is on the back of the welcome leaflet you received in your Chemical Poetry box.  If you can’t find it, please email keren@chemicalpoetry.com and I’ll remind you!

How do I join the Facebook discussion group?

The Facebook discussion group is for subscribed members only.  We will have invited you on Facebook already and sent a link to the group in your welcome email.  Please check your junk / spam folders if you’re not receiving emails from Chemical Poetry Club and add our email address to your safe senders list.  Please email if you’re still having trouble.

What does it mean to be a founding subscriber?

Chemical Poetry Club aims to be both a fragrance appreciation community and an inspiring resource to learn more about perfume and our sense of smell.  As a founding subscriber, your role is crucial to our success.  Your feedback is invaluable and will help us to shape our ongoing monthly subscription into the future.  Don’t be shy to share your thoughts with us if there’s anything we can improve.  Our Founding Subscribers will always be the first in line to know of special deals and limited offers in the future.

How do I earn points?

The best way to train the nose and to learn to use our sense of smell better is to engage with it more.  We have designed some interactive tools that will guide you through this in your box and online. It’s also a chance to give feedback to the perfumers about their creations. The more you interact the more credit you can earn toward buying the full size bottles of your favourites each month. 

In the members’ section, you’ll be able to click on the perfume bottles to find out more about each fragrance, compare your notes with the perfumer’s, test your nose and rate and review the perfume.  You can earn 100 points for each perfume you register to review.

How do I redeem points?

Gift Credit and Prepaid Credit

If you have a 3 month prepaid subscription or gift subscription, you will already have £10 to use toward any full-size bottle of your favourite perfume over the next three months.


For our introductory 3 months and founding subscribers, we are offering 100 points per perfume reviewed, which translates into £10 credit to use against the full size bottles of you favourites.  You’ll be given a unique code each time you test your nose and leave a review that you can use at checkout in the online shop.  Points are redeemable against that month’s featured perfume brand only, and only against the specific perfume reviewed.  In other words, you cannot accumulate points.

Why is the gift subscription no longer available?

Our gift subscription was for all 3 months in the lead up to Christmas.  We’ll offer gift subscriptions again next year for our Spring collection.

Why is the prepaid subscription no longer available?

Our prepaid subscription was for all 3 months in the lead up to Christmas.  We’ll offer prepaid subscriptions again next year for our Spring collection.

Why do I have to login multiple times?

We’ve had to set up the site using different systems that aren't entirely compatible.  It’s not ideal, so thanks for bearing with us.  We’ll make sure things run more seamlessly in 2018!

How do I cancel my subscription?

Oh no – please don’t say you want to go!  If you decide for whatever reason that you’d like to cancel, you can login to the customer portal https://chemical-poetry.paywhirl.com/?layout=master to cancel your subscription.  Click on the subscription tab and remove the subscription. 

In order to avoid the next billing cycle, please cancel your subscription before 27 October or 24 November.

(Please note this only applies to pay monthly subscriptions.  Prepaid subcriptions can be cancelled but not refunded.) 

We’d very much appreciate knowing why you may have decided to cancel, so please send feedback to keren@chemicalpoetry.com